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🎉 welcome to challenge the world record
Hey Challengers! ONE Crypto Art is a multiplayer online collaborative canvas that allows you to create anything you can imagine, one pixel at a time. Join other players or call your friends in this challenge, create amazing works of art together as a team, or solo. Protect your pixel all the time
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Simply place a single coloured pixel on the canvas. Let's build the world's largest Crypto Art, Together. The final art piece will be mined as a NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain. Call your friends and make the history!
Challenge World Record
Share your work on social media with #wolcano to call more friends. Behind every pixcel is a challenger.
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Hashtag #wolcano on social media to share your joy. Invite your friends to break this record together. Every challenger's name will be embedded in the canvas.

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    Hey Challengers! ONE Canvas Challenge is a multiplayer online collaborative metaverse canvas that allows you to create anything with pixels. We aim to have 100k people drawing on this canvas to break world record. Invite or join others to create amazing artworks and break the records.

    ❗️ ❕RULES

    This is an open and metaverse canvas, aiming to break the record of the most participated NFT art piece. The final profit is distributed to the participants and for charity. However, for the good of the community and on accounts of our metaverse beliefs, please acknowledge and obey the following guidelines. 

    1. No hateful imagery or derogatory speech. This includes but is not limited to words, as well as any symbols of terrorism.

    2. 1. No nudity or sexually explicit content. No nudity or otherwise sexually explicit content

    3. 1. Multiple-account users will be banned from drawing on the canvas. no exceptions. Multiple account users will be banned from creating art on the canvas.

    4. No auto-placement tools of any kind, you must place the pixels manually! I know it may come, but please Don't! 

    5. Do not abuse site functionality, such as reports or lookups. (e.g. automated reporting/lookups/faction tag spam/name color change spam, etc.)

    6. No automated aggregation. Any automated aggregation of data from user lookups, profiles, and factions is not allowed and will result in a ban.

    7. Wolcano Lab has the final say in any rule disputes. Staff have the final say in any rule disputes

    ● If you feel a moderator has acted inappropriately, please report it to an administrator. We have the right to bring the canvas to a previous version. If you believe you have been falsely banned you may contact a moderator or administrator.


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